Motivational Coaching For Business

Question: 5 frogs on a log, four decide to jump off. How many are left?

If you’re struggling, read on for the answer.

Change is simple just not easy. All you have to do is make a decision and then consistently do something about it. So why do so many fail?

I reckon when we decide to change, we think we have changed. Mistake! Simple does not mean easy. And surely your experience will tell you that you don’t get a free ticket to sustainable commitment from a decision.

Motivational coaching beats training

Motivate Concept







Motivational coaching is the smart choice for those who are serious about training that needs to stick. Traditional training methods simply don’t work very well.  Yes you can learn stuff (even though some studies suggest you’ll only take in about 20% of the content) but that doesn’t mean you’re going to consistently implement those practices.

The answer is 5. They only decided to jump! So in training you may be inspired to change but after a week you’re back to you’re old ways. Motivational coaching works over a period of time to encourage long term change. At Power the Change we have courses that last six weeks rather than our competitors, whose training last 6 hours.








We fundamentally believe that behavioural change takes time and have put our money where our mouth is by delivering our coaching at competitive prices…yes that means our 6 week courses cost around the same as many 6 hour courses.

So don’t be a frog on a log. Take the leap and contact us now.


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